How it works

TeamChat is a peer-to-peer, fully encrypted and free voice chat service. When you join a room you are connecting directly to each person in the room from your browser to theirs.

The connection is fully encrypted using industry standard encryption from your browser. Remember, if your call suddenly stops working, just refresh the page. If it continues drop me a line.

What technologies make this possible?

To render the page and facilitate the handshake, we use the excellent Phoenix Framework. Once the handshake is complete, your browser handles the rest using a technology called WebRTC, which stands for Web Real-Time Communication.

If your browser cannot directly connect over the network due to firewalls, misconfigured routers or any other reason, we use a service called Twillio Global Network Traversal, which is a super fancy name for a proxy. We will send the data through their servers to your friends. Since your data is fully encrypted, they couldn't hear your voice even if they tried.

That is it, we choose to keep things lean so that it always just works.

Want to add some real time to your app?

At RokkinCat we love adding real time communications to our apps and services. From highly scalable websockets using Phoenix to WebRTC in the browser, we've done it. So reach out and let us know if you have questions or would like a consultation.

Drop me a line!